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soon after sandy and a waste of valuable resources. >> the city of new york right now is talking about getting water out of the battery tunnel and preparing for a marathon. we're pulling bolds out of the water. you see the disconnect here? >> reporter: in some of the hardest hit communities like seaside heights just over this bridge, the water may be gone, but with residents still locked out, the anger is clearly rising. >> we've got -- nowhere else. talk to the press, the rest of the homeowners. >> the gas man is what we're scared of. gas mains are -- >> i don't care about a house. i rather care about your life. >> reporter: millions of lives forever changed by sandy. jay gray, nbc news, toms river, new jersey. >>> it's a double dose of disappointment for people looking for gasoline after the storm. drivers stuck in line for hours waiting to fill up. as jim rosenfield reports, some stations with plenty of fuel can't even sell it. >> reporter: with power still out here and so many other gas stations around many parts of new jerseyed and other parts of the tri-state, suddenly people are
is up from philadelphia all the way towards new york city. not good for driving there. for us, take a look at the temperatures. 41 in the airport, that windchi windchill, 35 degrees. very cold out here right now. we are seeing light rain n northwest d.c. about a half hour ago. it was also coming down to pretty heavy sleet. your complete forecast coming up in just a minute. >> thanks, doug. >> the governor of new york fired his emergency management director. he apparently diverted crews to remove a tree that had fallen on his driveway in long island last week. this happened shortly after the storm ravaged new york city and crews were responding to thousands of calls all over the place. according to a state official, he wasn't even at home at the time. he was in albany, new york. >> president obama and his family are back at the white house tonight after that re-election vote last night. the obamas were all smiles as they stepped off air force one. before leaving chicago, the president stopped at his campaign head kwauquarters to w with republicans in congress. >> you e lelected us to
was going to say, it's more interesting to see it go down 34th street in new york city as opposed to through a parking lot in east rutherford, new jersey. >> it's fun to see up close because they're so huge. you wonder how do they make their way down that -- >> a lot of people holding on for dear life. >> exactly. >> that's usually how. >> can you forecast it for us? >> that's a little too far out. >> come on. >> it's wind dependent. i'm not going to do a wind forecast 12 days in advance for new york city. we'll narrow it down closer until the day before, then we'll let you know with more certainty. around here we finally turn the corner on our cold stretch of weather. 12 days in a row colder than average until today when we broke the streak. 65 for your high temperature this afternoon. i think we might be able to do a little bit better on your sunday. another nice looking night outside tonight. skies have gone mostly clear. we had an extra batch of cloud cover during the afternoon today. those clouds are now gone, and we're going to be partly to mostly clear for the rest of the overnight ho
reaction tonight to the mayor's decision to cancel this weekend's new york city marathon. mayor bloomburg says he will not allow controversy over that event to impede recovery from sandy. >> jay grey has the latest now from atlantic city. >> reporter: four days later and, still, the fury of sandy is too much for some to bare. flood waters carried a boat into ester larubio's home. >> we need help here, we truly do. >> reporter: many simply aren't going anywhere. in some cases, pushing patience and emotions over the edge. but the difficulties, like the directi direction, stretched for miles along the atlantic coast. and hope is quickly fading, as well. >> we have bodies being removed up the block. we are devastated here. >> devastation that after days of controversy, ultimately, forced organizers to cancel the new york city marathon. >> the race had become a distraction. it had become a distraction for people who are working and trying to help people. >> help is beginning to show up by the truckload here, the basic necessities, like water, food and warm clothes. >> reporter: tonight, an all
giving out free gas in new york city and long island mostly to emergency responders. there was confusion and more frustration in new jersey where they're still rationing fuel. some good news, about 80% of new york's subway system is back up and running. and four more new jersey transit rail lines will be open tomorrow. nationwide sandy has killed 111 people, and more than 2 million are still without power. >>> news 4's jim rosenfield has been on assignment all week for us in the new jersey/new york area covering sandy's impact. today he spoke to a man on staten island, new york. who says he's lucky to be alive after barely escaping the flooding caused by the storm. the stuff that once made up a home now in a heap in parts of staten island. >> we have nothing. >> reporter: kelly and her husband scott wait outside their battered home. >> you've been sitting on the stoop for how long waiting? >> about two and a half hours. >> waiting hours for an appointment with fema to survey the damage here. a wait ackerman doesn't mind. >> i'm just happy i survived this. i'm very grateful to be alive ri
'll remain in place in new york. fema has approved 4$450 million in aid for sandy victims, so far. but new york city alone is expected to see billions in disaster fund. nearly 60,000 homes and businesses in long island still don't have power. >> up next, the voice of elmo taking a break from sesame street to fight allegations of teen sex. >> the four things you should avoid he grew up in maryland and has been playing elmo since the '80s. the accuser is 24 years old now. in a statement admitted to nbc news, clash admitted to it but said it was between two consenting adults. >> a lot of people have a strategy when it comes to holiday shopping and it often includes a trip to elton. >> doreen, when we hear outlet malls, most of us think discount. but that's not always the case. the outlet deals and the outlet don'ts. >> typically, i'm looking for bargains on designer items. >> i just love to get high-end goods for a really cheap price. >> reporter: but is the price you pay at the outlet really a deal? >> usual always do research. >> reporter: first rule, don't presume you're always getting top
as limited subway service will resume in new york city and all mass transit fares are suspended for the rest of the week. the governor has declared a transportation emergency. and flights will resume on a limited basis out of liguardia airport which will reopen on a limited basis after 7:00. >> halloween did have a different feel this year. people decked out in costumes walking through water during high tide in georgetown. others had to navigate around toppled trees and power lines. chris jordon joins us live with more. hi, chris? >> reporter: hi, doreen. these people after being so frightened just wanted to get out of their houses tonight. there is a heavy police presence to make sure they don't get out of control. >> halloween in georgetown. it's the best place to be when you don't want to be yourself. the intersection of wisconsin is filled with a crush of costumes. it's like a show strutting down the runway, fulfilling your fantasies in public. >> everyone comes down every year with their cost toumes ands a good time. >> halloween is attracting an international following. >> it's a great
. we'll show you how things are working as we head towards new york city. also damaged the torch to lady liberty. fortunately, that torch was relit earlier tonight. sandy came one day after the statue of liberty was reopened after a year-long of renovation. for today, high temperature, only 58 degrees. it felt a lot better than what we've seen over the past two weeks. et even though we were bow low average, it was pretty nice out there. we're not going to be going down too much as far as temperatures go. you're going to be waking up as a cold start where it's not dwoings to be nearly as cold a you've seen in the past few days. rain, don't worry about it. but here's what i think is the best news. i know a lot of you are saying keep it cold, bring on some snow in our area. here it is, 72 in st. louis, 80 in wichita. so we saw mild out there today. i think a few more clouds than we saw today. but, still, warmer. temperatures above average during the day tomorrow and well 3w06 average on supd. tomorrow into sunday, rather, i think we'll be about 10 degrees above average. that woud pl
and new jersey. >> reporter: there is no marathon in new york today. still, there is the race in the city and across the streike zon now. millions rushing to clear away what they can ahead of what forecasters call a harsh northeaster taking aim at same areas, devastated by sandy. >> still looking for 2 to 4 inches of rain, wind gusts, 40 to 50 miles per hour. time frame, wednesday into thursday. >> reporter: so right now with heavy equipment, and by hand, the work continues around the clock. volunteers helping with debris. delivering much needed supplies to those strug sgling. >> man have lost their houses. what they claim to beep the the houses are no more. >> reporter: what is clear in the disaster they still have each other. >> there is a lot of despair. people cry in my arms and their arms, how awful this is. the best resource we have to fight this is being new yorkers. >> reporter: resources and a bond that so many now lean on to pick up after sandy and prepare for more rough weather that could be on the way. jay gray, nbc news. >> word tonight from amtrak, service will be limited to
working. >>> there's new video tonight to shows the moment that superstorm sandy hit the new york city subway. the port authority released this video of the subways flooding at the height of the storm. city officials say lights are back on now in nearly 400 housing complexes but dozens of people there still don't have heat or hot water. president obama visited new york's hardest hit areas today. he met with parents of two boys carried away by the floodwaters in staten island. >>> now to a hard lesson in economics. budget cuts are forcing d.c. to shut down 20 public schools but parents are fighting back to try to keep the plan from moving forward. erika gonzalez has both sides of the debate. >> reporter: if you ask dc chancellor kai ya henderson the reason to shut down schools, it's a number game. >> there's a boat load of more money coming in from somewhere. i have to use the resources i currently have differently. >> reporter: too few students in too many schools. enrollment has been on decline in the district with over 40 years with only a recent slight uptick. some parents and criti
the name to veterans day to honor all personnel. new york city paid tribute to the nation's veterans. a wreath laying ceremony held at eternal light monument this morning. thousand lined 5th avenue for the veterans day parade. parade organizers used the event as an opportunity to support victims of sandy, the united war veterans council, collected winter coats for people affected by the storm. veterans day observed across the country tomorrow. there will be changes to public transportation in the area. metro opens at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. but will run on a saturday schedule. off-peak fares in effect all day. track work will continue tomorrow on the orange, red and green lines. marc and vre not running tomorrow. everything back to normal by tuesday morning. >>> more than 160 passengers on an amtrak train headed to union station had to make part of the journey by bus. csx train derailed north of richmond tonight. amtrak had to stop train 66 at richmond's main street station. and transfert passengers to buses. passengers arrived at union station after 10:00 p.m. >>> hope you enjoyed the w
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11